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To this point I’ve never heard any IAF official favouring a twin engined fighter, while have had several favouring a cheap gentle fighter. The internet is similar thing. The web is ok. The usage of the web for youngster porn is not high quality. Seizing the domain of child porn websites after which progressing from there ought to be thought of normal. Thank you. This is what Mike was referring to with the CP discover slapped on ONE website was suspected of having baby porn. ONE subdomain. As a substitute of going to , they went to the registrar, and shut down eighty three,000 sites and slapped the CP notice on ALL of them.

This comes in the wake of feedback made by a prime Pentagon official, undersecretary of defence for acquisition, expertise and logistics Ashton Carter, in Washington that the US was open to Indian participation in its JSF venture. Then you make a prediction and say 5G and UCAVs – when the 5G program is coming as a follow on to the LCA & the IAF already has a heavy PAK-FA. Its actually surprising to see how your arguments change operate – on the one hand the IAF is top heavy, if it doesn’t acquire the Gripen, never thoughts, the threats are mostly heavy & the IAF has the local Tejas program to construct up “gentle numbers” if it so chooses. However you ignore this.

That’s fascinating. Even when a subdomain is getting used for baby porn, does that mean the entire domain title might be seized like this? That actually sounds like prior restraint to me. I mentioned LCAs – I didnt break them out by Marks, since neither did Loke. The whole variety of LCAs deliberate thus far, is nothing lower than 40+3+83 =126 MK1 & MK-2, even excluding the first 5 LSP. There may be every chance that the IAF will order greater than eighty three as well, once the aircraft matures! Proper now, the IAF has dedicated for Bison replacements but extra orders are possible given AF sq growth and number build up.

The clearest efficiency was that of the Russian MiG-35, which has not shown up at all at Aero India 2011. After multiple issues during the flight evaluation trials, it’s regarded by the IAF as little more than an upgraded MiG-29. The Russian fighter is effectively out of the race. With international locations pushing exhausting to assist the bids of their firms in IAF’s USD eleven billion Medium-Multirole Aircraft (M-MRCA) deal, India as we speak mentioned the choice to award the tender might be primarily based on merits and will not be a political one.

No one is claiming they aren’t focusing on youngster porn. The assertion is that they’re doing it badly and that due course of and a working knowledge of the know-how would greatly assist the trigger. Seizing a couple of domains is not helping reduce the amount of children being abused but it surely has brought about damage to doubtlessly hundreds of harmless people and companies, by linking them to baby pornography. How much injury has been carried out to thousands of harmless firms and people publicly accused of distributing baby pornography? Large amounts. Merely being accused of being involved in baby pornography is sufficient to destroy reputations. I really do hope the house owners of the internet sites concerned sue not solely ICE, but also the people involved in such reckless political grandstanding.